Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dead Weight....

Say you are a weight lifter.

( which is dumb shit to do...pay money to join a gym and lift weights. I mean for fucks sake,
you can pick up rocks for free.)

You are looking to add a little cardio to your routine,
drop some chub and get a bit of fitness.

Running would be shit when you weigh
260 and don't have a neck. That would suck a bag of dicks.

So logically a bike is in order.

But fuck man use some sense. Not this bike.
This is a cousin to 
The Shitbike.

Take a look at the whale dick err seat beam.
That ain't gonna work forever, or maybe it will, but I am not willing to test it.
I certainly have a neck, and am fond of me nether regions, so sure thing buddy
take your 260+ pound 'roid ridden ass and plop it down on the beam.

Them Aero Bars are sweet.
Choo borrow them from Lemond?

I have rarely, if ever, discouraged anyone from riding a bike.

This time I had to.

Imagine how many people muscle guy would have beat the shit out of?

I mean a big mass of man muscle pedaling around on this?

Tell me you could refrain from laughing.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Some shops have a lot of extra time on their hands....

most of the shops I ever spun wrenches in 
are too busy to play with that type of nonsense.

But hey,

It's still a better use of a trainer than sitting still and pedaling 
for hours on end
with no 
differentiation between you and a 

thanks Dirty for the link.