Monday, December 31, 2012

Your bike rides should be more fun...

By now many of you poor shits are riding in cold. 
Possibly snow.

Oh yea, you got a fat bike.
Sorry 'bout forgetting how badass and ahead of the times you were.

In case you didn't realize it the Fat Bike craze is...

Well,  Huge as Fuck.

Which makes you a little less cool than you think you are.


In fact a lot of you think they are for snow only.
Welcome to the world outside your box.

Muther truckin pool riding, pedal grinding, and the bastard ain't even fucked with snow yet.

While all that shit is great

I feel like someone in our high society of bike loving, beer drinking, love making, ass hattery should have thought of this...

Loooooong time ago.

Just get few dumber than your average girls to slut it up and place handle bars on their hips.

Don't worry I am sure they got Fat versions also...


( was that mean? )