Sunday, July 1, 2012

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder....

I have switched teams.

Not in the sense that 

that statement now takes form.
But in another sense.

I have left behind sweltering,
pavement contorting,
face melting 

I moved to the mountains.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire,
way too literally at this point.
As most are well aware, this state is one of fire breathing dragons. 

Each taking their turn, leaving nothing in their wake.
These dragons come in many forms,
lightening, natures stimulant;
an errant car dragging a muffler along;
my least favorite dragon....
the two fully engorged douche nozzles
who decided shooting a full propane tank
was what the day called for.

It was supposed to be my land of dreams.
Epic rides, leaving behind manicured society,
and grabbing my bike to bridge the gap between man's control
over environment,
and it's epic dominance of us.
tuning to the news,
both local and national, 
the stories are of grief
and flaming.

I learned to ignore, 
grabbed my bike, and head into the hills
To hide from the false prophet,

I turned wheels to trail with an old friend from the waving hand of the north.
We sought out refuge from the delusion of society.
We grabbed a few hours worth of escape,
and realize,
just pawns in one big chess game. 

Which leads me back to switching teams.

I sought refuge from the retail Cussed o mer.

Two jobs ago I lost my soul.

I started this here writing 
to cleans my mind from the filth I spent my days in.
That filth was the retail environment I was taking wage from.
This particular establishment
tiptoed around the dollar bill.
This $$$ was god almighty.
With it you could do no wrong.
If you possessed $$$ you ruled the kingdom for as long as you wished.
You could swear, spit, cuss, and threaten.
You were always 100% right.
You had $$$

There was no
"divorcing the customer"
" removing the cancer"
there was only 

This was no mom and pop.
This was 

Folks I strayed.
I fell hard for the hook.

I lost.

After too long I returned to the flock.
I found refuge in a mom and pop,
but there was a catch...
another evil????

The beloved Triathelon shop.
The fall from grace of every wrench...

or not.

Brothers and sisters
let me tell you it
I have ever spun a wrench at.

The Tri geek was extreme here.
It had much force.
And it delivered.
Payed for every recommendation given.
No arguing over labor charged, if done right,
and with a mechanics intent
to make it right
to make it perform magic.
This was heaven.
That's right kids,
I loved a TRI shop.

Then life happened. 
We moved.

And now I work behind the Wizard's curtain.

Industry Job.