Tuesday, July 16, 2013

only the road bikers can save us

Just look at the amazing things that could happen if road bike manufacturers 
would only take the time to help us poor mountain bikers out


  1. I really hate that company. Sonsabitches.

  2. It's crap like this that allows me enjoy my single speed, 29, full rigid bike. The simplicity lets me RIDE. I get back. I hose it down oil the chain, check the tension and I'm ready to go again. Technology is great, but I see guys all the time obsessing over their latest high dollar gizmo... Like you said in another post... They need to learn to ride. It is the rider, not that bike. Thank goodness the roadies are willing to share all of their wisdom. How did we ever ride those prehistoric unbalanced bikes? Talk about marketing... And over thinking things.