Friday, June 10, 2011

unimaginable child cruelty

Ser. i. ous. ly?

What the hell did this kid ever do to be doomed to a life of Harley Davidson suffering?
Yeah I know, I bashed on them sheeple yesterday.

But W>T>F?
This "parent" is instilling a desire to wear Wranglers, Chaps, a T-shirt to some location they've never been, all because of this bike.
Wanna bet they don't wear a helmet, but rather protective bandanas?

I guess in all fairness, this bike not only hates its rider, but its existence on this sphere as a whole.
It probably sits parked in the third stall of some McMansion next to the kiddie Escalade with Dubs.

Poor thing probably only gets ridden on the weekends, and then only to some lone bar so it can sit all shiny in a parking display of similar non functional two wheeled devices. 

Do we really wonder why kids prefer XBox?
It's parents who buy this shite.

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