Saturday, July 23, 2011

Aero gone Awry

Anyone who has turned a wrench has a
place in their heart for Tri geeks and those in search of 

Even the wrenches who do participate in TT's or Tri's.
Trust me they do.

But when a friggin beauty like this comes in,
 all wrenches bite their lip and do their best to not laugh directly in the face of the mess of humanity who chooses to ride this 

Judy would NOT condone this.

Yup that's a "mountain bike".

Rogue. Hell yeah that's Rogue alright.
As in off the reservation. ( keen viewers will also recognize it as "Special".

The view of all views.
The cockpit.
Imagine yourself lucky enough to propel this machine.

Now I have a friend who raced the Continental Divide race and had a similar set up. 
I'll cut him some slack 'cause he rode his bike across the country.

Anyone else gets a kick in the nether land.

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