Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Of Whale tails and Mustache rides.....

I am all in for creativity.

This gem is pure creativity.

Not too sure about functionality....


You are seeing that.
A mustache seat.
An all day epic aboard a 'stache.

Everybody loves a mustache ride right?
Everyone except your nuts if you try to get back over the seat.

Right about now there are a handful of guys trying to imagine
a scantily dressed lass perched precariously over this "saddle?"

I scoured the interwebbage and could not find anywhere
to procure this fancy.
I did find 

which seems fair. 

I found this also.

A bit of tickle added I guess.
But they are a far cry from the full blown
saddle sore inducing
mustache ride

Looks like a one off but hell....I'da made a lot of them.
Sell them like hotcakes I would

I did not try to mount it.
Seemed a bit odd for me.

I mean who am I to 
ride another man's mustache?

I am full confident in my manhood.
It was just that
particular chap.

Was about 6'4.
and rocking 240lbs.

I was clearly not partaking of his 'stache.

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