Tuesday, January 8, 2013

judgement day

How do you define your success'?

Is it having the right worldly possessions, being in full tune with trending technical 
who ha's ? 
Is it critical for you to be on top of the latest look, cutting edge fashions that are here for a blink?
 A movement so flighty it changes direction more than butterflies in the wind. 

Most people I surround myself with are unlike
the rest of the followers.
No beat.
No drum.

Just a wanderlust built into their very soul.
A passion for doing,
hearing the whisper, the faint murmur,
the thing deep inside that says 

Hell why not?

A good friend always tells me:

" all you gotta do is do it"


Think about that for more than a second.

" all you gotta do is do it".

You have, more than once, become your own worst enemy.
Chances are that if you are here reading this you are one of the few people
 smart enough
 and strong enough to 

wake the fuck up, and do.

As a angst ridden punk rock skate rat
 "the trick" would haunt me, taunt me, and on occasion break me.
No matter how many times I slammed
something drove me to get up and do it again.

Deny the pain its place in the body, however briefly. 
It would have to wait,
because I was going to get it,
that trick was an obstacle in my path.
In my world, I conquered, I could out sweat, out slam
and sure as hell out bleed
ANY obstacle that was denying me my victory.

It's easy to sit there and say it's all too hard.
Right now you are hopefully drinking a cup of Joe, tea, or whatever lights your daily fire,
planning your victories.

Or as the same friend says:

" good bad ideas"

If you are reading this because you have been behind the monitor for too damn long.

Get the fuck out and do.

Plan your next good bad idea by opening the door, grabbing whatever propels you through life,

and go smash it.

Today's goal was to learn kick flips again and maybe some variations.
(I learned the opposite of this ^)

I learned that skating, is like losing a fight every minute.
There are glimpses of victory. 
Brief respites from gravity's pull.
But if you are doing it right, most likely you are losing most of the time.
( insert me there )

And I'll be damned if that doesn't feel great.
The other option is quitting.

In cycling it's the climb.
Road or mountain.
It's all the same pain.
Sure you make it to the top,
but it wasn't fast enough.

( Straight up, if you Strava that climb,  see that Johnny beat you, and then you get shitty, go fuck completely off. YOU should drive yourself to beat YOU. Johnny doesn't even know who the fuck you are.)

So you ride more. 
Push a bigger gear. 
Just smash over the obstacle in your way, floating over it, not letting the earth dictate your pathway upon it. 

You win.
 One more gear.
Soon your mouth tastes like your own blood. 
Your heart is residing in your ears and pounding out other worldly rhythms.
 The lungs that fuel you are thimbles, more air escapes than can ever hope to enter.

The top?

There is never a top. Just a place you quit.

"all you gotta do is do it."

You judge your accomplishments by the pain you feel in your body the next day.
That's how you know you are doing it.


teach it some respect.

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