Monday, December 5, 2011

the torch

comes a time when you gotta pass the torch.

not lay down but pass.

i find it rather pleasant to render knowledge gained to another soul,
ready to fight the fight.

there is so much to teach,
and even more that is unteachable.
i learned a lot from a dude back in the day...
taught me about cable stretch.
hung a frickin brick by cable to prove to a "boss type"
that yeah asshat, cables stretch

how do you exactly teach the fine tuning of cable tension 
on a weathered,
and severely downtrodden front derailleur?
one that should never have even been born,
were it not for walmart and the price driven two wheeled killers of our soul.
bikes that have no place.

or do they?

A friendly site posted pictures from a war torn region,
a mechanic,
a saviour,
in a severely war torn region. 
where looking the wrong direction can get you killed,
and speaking too long to the white devil may mean the end of your family.

them bikes there.
they are invincible.
the hands that touch those machines
are skilled beyond time
and hard.
harder than i.

Tina asked, what love has to do with it?
love is a simpletons description of what drives us.
treat me fairly and i'll fix anything.
I'll drop whatever $3000 rig i got going in the stand
to get a commuter up and running home in time for dinner,
to get the family jogger going,
and to get Fred back from his long 20 mile ride.

i'll even tell Fred that them whitey tighteys need to stay home,
would you?

i like sharing our well earned secrets
never claim i know them all.
learned something just a few days ago from someone i was 
passing on the handshake to.
never stop learning.

but please.
will someone stop this electrofucking11 bullshit?
when in the hell is this madness going to end?
ride that shit all by yourself in the
 garminzombiewattagefuckinapocalypse of marketingyoudontneedthatshitconsumerism
 that they are turning bikes into

i want bikes

the less plasticy

less plugged in


face it
a $9000 pedal bike
had better hit the 
g spot