Thursday, June 20, 2013

Welcome back to the pit

Well that was interesting.

Took a wee bit off to try my hand at the backside of the industry for a while.
Fuck that,
it's an incest ridden clan I can not seem to find my way amongst.
Do things that make you happy they say.

So I am back wrenching, a lot less pissed and a lot smarter.
You can teach an old dog new tricks if they want to learn.
I must want to learn because I am also hitting the books full time as well.

Fifty hour a week job and then some learning off the clock.

Let's get to the smarter.
I chose where I wanted to work like I would chose where I would want my bike wrenched upon.

Step one.

Would you shit in there?
Would you let your lady friend sit down on the seat?
There is a long time myth of really disgusting bathrooms making a shop hardcore.
If they can't be bothered to clean up their own shit you feel good paying them to 
fix your bike?
It's all about attention to detail, personally that is one big detail.

Step two.

I really have no need for anyone to fix my bike. I can do it just fine.
Now say I was out of town, without tools, and we all know about borrowing tools.

So where would I bring my bike?
Probably not to the guy whose shop looks like hell.
That whole mystique thing is shit.
Probably a good wrench but not with all the carbon, hydro, squish, and computer shit
that permeates our industry nowadays.

 I want to be seen and trusted as a technician -- hell I want to be paid like one as well.

So the dirtbagwithattitudeholeinthewall is out.
I want to serve people who take pride in their bike and want to see me do the same.

Step three.

Interview the shop. 
wait, what?
Yeah man. If I am going to spend 9-10 hours a day there I guess I should 
Fuck going to a place I hate everyday, that's why I left the other deal.
What are the owners about?, the people they hire?, do they have the same goals as I do?
I don't want to get a check and go, feeding some other guys dream.
Hell man I want to get some of mine as well.
Are they in it for the same reasons I am?

I prefer to not shlep at a mom and pop. 
Nothing wrong with them but I know where I fit best,
I want what I want.

So I guess I should choose a shop that gets down like I want to get down.
It's only fair
then the people paying me are happy
because I am happy.

Happy is good.



  1. yup. on the verge of telling the owner that he can shove it in his ass after only eight weeks of work. respect is gone, and it seems to only be getting worse.

  2. Find the happy. Everything else is handling others shit. The world is too large for smart people to get bogged down with other's constipated lives. You know this, and will rise and fall of your own volition, the man should never have you by the throat unless you let him.

  3. Nice post, man. I like the "reverse interview," it usually throws them off their game. Most expect that you're begging for a job. Not always so...

  4. It frustrates the hell out of me, but part of the fun of working at a bike shop is the weird shit you get to see on a daily basis.