Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Are you SURE you have everything?????

Sometimes you have to accessorize.
You need a few water bottle cages,
perhaps a computer, 
a bell to warn others,

and of course surround sound.


Holy hell...
did he just say surround sound?

That's right mother truckers.
You hear him rollin...

You hating.

Another fine beauty sent in from Brian K.

There is so much Hoopla
going on here it is unbelievable.

Red bar tape ends for right hand placement accuracy. Check.

Twisty Tie mounting system for stereo. Check

Mirror. Check.

Best brakes Hayes EVER made. Check.

Bag Phone thingy mount. UH. What.

MMMM. Check?

Dolby. Check.

It's a recumbent. Fucking explains it all.

See anything the bastard needs?

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