Saturday, August 6, 2011

the big S stands for.....

Suffering Succotash


Has anyone seen this?

Apparently color blind Oompa-Loompas decided this was 
a good idea.


OR just maybe the intern decided.
Could be the case as here is the interns ride....

Now that is one full suspension
rig that feels the need for speed (o).

I have seen all kinds of absurdly dumb shit done to a bike after it leaves the warehouse.
Special ed just skipped a step with the Demo hate.

speaking of dumb shit...

Image from :

What da Fack?
You need a spiked saddle to keep your ass from sliding off?
How the fuck fast are you going?
( yeah i know dude is fast as hell)

but the fatty who rides the shuttle???
your fat ass needs more than those spiky things
to keep the saddle from parting the red sea that is your humungous large 
personal Grand Canyon.

I am pretty sure the ladies model is called the
 French Tickler.
( if not, them saddle making bastards owe me ).

Thanks to Dirty Biker for the heads up on spiky seat.

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