Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ever have that not so clean feeling ????

Not one.
But two of these special beauties came in to visit me last week.

I generally wrench with those blue latex gloves on.
Mostly because the petroleum products and cleaning agents we techs use
can be outright bad for you.

This type of filth is something else entirely. 
It is contagious.
It spread like the plague to this bike,
like the plague.

What's important to note on these two lab specimens
(other than the gloves stuck to the frames like flypaper)

is that these dumb bastards spent too much money on carbon cages.

Yeah that fancy cage saved some BIG time weight.
How much weight you think you have spilled all over your frame?

That sweet sticky goop could probably feed a small village. 

Oh yeah.
Neither of these dipshitsticks wanted their bikes cleaned.

Oh it gets worse.

Is that more Aero? 
Clamping the cable so it doesn't work?
Didn't want that fixed.

You'd think that anyone spending Durace loot would want this cable fixed.


Get your bikes the fuck outta my shop.
Don't bring it back till its clean.

Or your willing to actually pay some money for me to do my job.

Proof you can't fix stupid.

I just wish it hurt more.

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