Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fire In the Hole!!!!!

Every shop.
Every where.
Someone has yelled fire in the hole.

It's a right of passing.
It angers you.
It makes you laugh.

it scares the piss out of customers.

It happens when you inflate a cheap pile of craps tire.
It happens on new bikes.
It happens on expensive carbon road bikes,
and it happens on mountain bikes.

What if it didn't.

I have developed a power,
I can stop the 
Fire In The Hole.

It will come to you after you develop the talent.
Years of flat fixes, bike builds, and mostly

alot of time on hunks of shit bikes.

Oh You need proof?

That proof enough for you?

Fine here's more.

Beleee Dat.

Of course, it don't come easy.
Sometimes that shit will blow right in your face.
Which sucks.
Especially if its a tubeless mountain tire filled up 
with sealant.
Cause you know you are getting a massive facial blast.

Remember kids 
always check for dents.

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