Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meet the new SUV

As most, I think of the SUV as a gas guzzling,
soccer mom hauling, 
go anywhere vehicle 
mostly used on paved roads in suburbia.

But you have to accessorize
I mean nothing screams off road
like an SUV
with dubs.

What's more off road capable than a Hummer on dubs?

I present to you the BUV.

Cup holders?
Shit, Tri three ( yea pun fucker).
Extra storage option selected. 

Has an onboard computer, standard.
Front and rear optional lighting accessories. You betcha!

On the fly suspension adjustment for the Gnar. Oh Yea!

I am tellin you this BUV has everything the paved urban dweller could want.
If not I see a few square inches I can fill up on the handle bars.
Plus I just got Bento Boxes in sooo...
Extra Cargo time baby.

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