Saturday, September 24, 2011

the world needs another crossover vehicle....

Nick LeBag found a rare gem indeed.

Craigslist removed adds for prostitutes.

Or did they?

Craigslist ad description follows :

Specialized Stumpjumper M2 (1994 frame) is currently set up for road training with slick tires, aerobars and road rear derailleur.

If you care to convert it back into a mountain bike it comes with 2 brand new knobby tires, mtn. bike handlebar and NEW 8-speed grip-shift shifters.

Also comes with a super nice rear rim... Mavic with Ringle hub, a NEW set of Girvin Magnesium pedals and a like NEW Profile Airstryke 2000 aero bar.

Bike currently comes equipped with a Girvin fork and ONZA cantilever brake calipers. I also have a NEW set of extra ONZA brake calipers I'll throw in.

58 cm top tube... this is a large size frame!!!

This is a very nice bike, price is firm, absolutely no exceptions!

Rear water bottle cage holder and water bottle are NOT included!

And, Yes, it is still available!! 

Pretty much deal is off unless I get to use the same water bottle as this guy.
I am really most interested in the yellow plastic sponge thing.
I totally geek out on the funk that builds up in them.
It better not be washed.

Also, you better be handing out the pump. It is mounted and attached so I better receive it.
If not you can't be all too firm on the price.

What the holy friggin hell!
Seriously, how bad is Arizona's Meth problem when asshats can come up with total ass gravy like this?

If you see this dude riding...
don't honk,
don't wave,
you best not think of staring.

'Cause I promise you
this rodeo clown will eat you kids.
Like New.

I call BS on it.

But I do it from afar.
Momma didn't raise a fool.

 this guys momma did.


  1. Aero-bar...Like new?? Just because it has no bar tape and that's how they come "new" ???? LOL

    I'm dying to know how much Mr. "road-a-mountainbike" thinks this pile of parts is worth.