Sunday, September 4, 2011

Please please please leave this to the professionals.....or not.

Ahhh the home mechanic.
We all want to take care of our own shit.
I support that very much as a wrench.
One would think I ought not,

 being that taking care of your crap is the source of my income.

Trust me I am not scared. 

Most of the people don't want to spend the extra dime to have their bike cleaned.
It's like what 
$20-$40 extra depending on where you shop?

So this guy wanted to know why his bike was 
"making noise".

Noise you say?

Oh and it doesn't shift very fast. HMMM
Wonder why?

Ever wonder why your fancy bike is not as comfortable as it should be?
Ever think the design was at fault?


Yup that baby screams comfort.
Much better design.

Speaking of design.
Ever wonder if you can replace your pedal pins?
Well wonder no more screw boy has it solved.

Yeah baby!
Grip it and rip it.

Oh and how about some do it yourself handlebar mods?

Hell Yeah!
THAT looks tough!

looks secure to me.

1 comment:

  1. I couldn't own a bike like the top picture...

    The bottom picture is for a really, really strong rider. He got the idea here...

    When you pull on the bars you want them to respond w/o flex..