Friday, September 30, 2011

authentic blend of 23 flavors.....all of which are crap

I don't always drink soda,
but when I do 
I drink Dr. Pepper.

The Dr. is good, 
real good.

You can never really nail down what
exactly is going on as far as taste goes.

Too bad the Dr. was high as a kite on $10 smack
when he let some Yahoo go ahead and slap 
the Dr.'s good name on this pile of
never do well.

Yeah that is a supreme disappointment.

How big a chainring do you think the person riding this can use?
Look at the range the front derailleure mount provides.
I bet a 75 would fit nicely.

Hell yeah,
 look at the rocker arms.

Now give em a bottle full of Viagra,
them bitches are limp.

Nice to see they put a rack on a full suspension bike. 
Even thought of panniers so you can really haul the mail.
Seems legit.

That down tube is sure to keep you on track,
and the cable routing as you can see is well thought out.
The Dr. even thought out wide handle bars.



1 comment:

  1. Love the tether for the rack.... I can just picture any load swinging forward and back and then snap on the ground....