Monday, November 7, 2011

Anyone can wrench right? Save a few bucks do it yourself...

Wanna piss someone off?

Like on the quick?

Tell them their job is easy,
that they charge too much for their time,
that a monkey could do it.

Or be a total asshat and insult them before they even do their work.

Ever walk into a restaurant and piss off people who handle your food?

Shit will go down real quick.
Wrenches just don't do shit like foodservers.

Or you can entertain the heck outta me and any other wrench,
and do it yourself.

Case in point:

Install Carbon fork yourself.
Gotta save that $40.

Shit is easy right?

Just need the tools.

Look closely.

See what's wrong?

Then damnit,
you cannot work on your own shit.

Well, you can if you want to.
It's always good for a laugh.

See it now?


If you don't see it by now then 
Darwin wins again.


Ride hard, go fast,
and damnit...
take chances,
lots of them.

Truth be told that there is a Carbon Salsa fork.

If you didn't shit your pants then you are probably not a wrench.
Or you are dumb.
Really dense.

Thanks to the reporting of a fellow wrench.

and also
A friend of

On another note.
Everyone has their old shop.
the one they cut their teeth in.
Got their skills,
or just learned to change tubes.
A place you can call home base.

I was turned on to this particular stomping ground of a good friend.
They picked him up and dusted him off.

If you want things done correct.

Out East

Check out the good hands at

They'd be more than happy to take care of you proper.

And prevent the Darwin dude from winning.



  1. How insulting for someone to tell you that you're job is easy and not really worth paying you? I hate cheap people.

  2. Yea what the hell is this infectious bullshit... everyone watched a you-tube video on 'how to fix your bike' and they think they're a poetic genius.

    They think because it only took you two minutes to fix something they should only pay two doll hairs... What about the time, experience, tools and not to mention bloody convenience it is to have your shit fixed so promptly!?!