Monday, November 28, 2011

Hater gonna hate

I musta made the big time!

I got some hate mailed to me
via the interwebs.

I like the interwebage.

Do you like the webs?

Apparently, YBHY touched a nerve with Duane.
Duane had particular issues with 

In fact he says:

I'm fat, so blow me asshole! I bike hard and long, all fat people are lazy? Not! I'm a triathlete and bust my ass 12-14 hours  a week training and yes, I eat right. We don't need your arrogant, ignorant ass posting shit like that.

Pretty sure, Duane,
that you lumped yourself in the category you are upset with.
Not me.
(In fact, if anyone it was Jamie.)
But, you really missed the point.


You see,
I know me some big boys.
 Guys who can throw the fuck down.

Say, like, this guy.

Now dirty ain't a fatty.
He ain't no leg shaving skinny ass roadie either.



You are entitled to your opinion, but really, the fat people who come in are working at getting in shape, a snobby attitude? Really?

The proverbial WE
cannot give you the snobby attitude.
In fact,
have to take it.
Take it like it's our jobs.
Because it is.

You see Duane. 
You fucking missed the goddamned point completely.

You don't enjoy being treated a certain way
because of your appearance.
Never mind how you roll,
never mind you can pedal some miles.

We don't like how people treat us,

Simply because we fix/sell/live/eat/drink

So Duane,
you are entitled to your opinion, but really, the people who help you get in shape, a snobby attitude? Really?

If we were gonna hate on you Duane.
It wouldn't be because of your weight, or shape.

It'd be because you TRI.

Cause that shit is funny.

Tri harder.



  1. WOW! That last video was priceless...

    True story on the customer service tip - when you're competing with big sales training programs and 'would you like fries with that?' the common folk expect a load of bullshit sent with a phony smile...

    Way to clear the air so to speak..

  2. I am more worried about Duane's social life. I mean, friends don't let friends tri, right?

    Hey Duane, we may poke and prod, but if you ever feel the need to go have a pint, we're here for you.