Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sign of the times....

Like many things in life,
 you need to stop and notice the signs.

The most notable is the fact that you have to pay extra

for turn signals on cars nowadays.

you don't?

must be people don't give a fuck then.

 looks like soccer mom don't give a fuck

that there says you really don't give a fuck.

that says thanksgiving 
just might be your favorite holiday.

just saying.

 or perhaps you need a different approach to saddle time

this next one screams Xbox, Playstation,

or just shitty parenting.

it don't rain much here.
nor is it humid.

this screams lawn sprinklers and couch potatoes.

back in my day we wore the shit outta bike parts.

and yeah, wise ass 
we did have video games in my youth.
i was just too poor to get to waste my days on them.

there is one sign you should never ignore.
its a warning sign if there ever was one.

stay the fuck away.

i don't need your " Help".

you brought your bike here for a reason.
you can't fix it .

unless you are invited 
no wrench wants to smell your breath on him/her
while they work.
 they don't want to ask you to move as you stand forever in the way.

we are not playing bikes.

we are not hanging out here.

unless you are one of the cool customers,

*(and there are actually those that qualify.)

we prefer you stay outta our jobspace.

we do this for a living.
it pays our mortgage,
car payment,
and puts beer in our fridge.

we know all to well
 you don't think this is a real job.
that's ok.
you don't really ride bikes.
you play bikes.

 this shit.
that dirt under our fingernails is ours.
we took it from every bike,
from every trail,
from every gutter in the road,
and made it our own

so you can play.

see the sign?

* as for cool customers...
it takes a sixer,
it takes never asking for a discount,
it takes a $5 grimy handshake,
it takes knowing the person you just handed your bike over to,
is really there to help.
that they receive nothing other than an hourly wage...
just like you.

oh and you get the knowledge that even when slammed 
and just about late for a ride
the wrench will fit you in.

cause you can


  1. I've been working in a few shops for the past 12 years, seen lots, drank lots, raced 16'' wheel kids bikes down the canyon(my only claim to fame is beating Jimmy Deaton one year), but have never seen a broken Thompson post.

  2. Now, how to get the customers to read this eloquent post...

  3. I hate when people put their hands on the bike I'm working on. Even worse are the kids who are too dumb to keep their fingers out the spokes when your spinning the wheel.