Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Love is a many strange thing...

A relationship with your bike can be a love/hate thing for sure.
as a kid your bike was the first real taste of freedom.
You could jump on it and pedal away from your home, 
watching your yard and parents watchful eye disappear.

Pot ain't the gateway drug.
Your bike is.
You get high with it, and it drags you to lows you never dreamed humanly possible.
You meet strange new friends, lose strange old ones,
and go to places you have never been before.

Face it you got a crew when you got your first set of two wheels.
you would explore further and further away from the safety
and confines of the block. 

Skidding was the first sign you were the badass.
No hands gave you the feeling of getting away with something,
stealing extra amounts of freedom.

But face it.
Guy or Gal.
True bikeness was attained when you got off the ground.
feeling was different.
Sorta like when you first got on a road bike.
The efficiency and speed were very new,
strangely unifying.

This is where roadies and mountain bikers/BMX
separated themselves.
Sure you do both,
but somewhere you are just one.

UH, so what the fuck happened?

Oh honey,
if that's love,
 you are twisted.
Maybe in a good for the night way,
but not in a good GOOD way.

Lube is good.
Lube is bad.
It can do wonders for longevity,
or lead you to naughty, DIRTY, dirty places.
Lots of lube does not equal lots of love.

Sometimes love makes you crazy.
Makes you see things in a different light.
Sometimes it opens you up.
Other times you just see shit ass backwards. ^

Most of us keep our love life and relationship close to the vest.
You may open up and tell your friends somethings,
to help you vent,
to help you sort shit out.

But brothers and sisters,
when you bring your love to my shop...
any shop...

You spill your deep, dark, dirty secrets.
You cannot ever hide them from the wrench.
It knows.
We know.

Most of you should be disgusted with yourselves,
ashamed even.

But you are not.
You think we don't know.

Believe me.

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  1. dude, it's snakehawk from DC. you're hilarious. thank you for being so passionate about bicycle repair, maintenance, and customer slander. fucking juicebags.

  2. Priceless and well said! People need to calibrate they're reality! Keep the perspective coming.