Thursday, October 6, 2011

be gone for a bit

Finally going to get some time off.

Which of course means I am going to work on my own bike.

It truly hates me.

I am unaware of a more intense hatred than that of a bike owned by a wrench.

Never ridden enough.

There are things we do to our own we would never to do the consumer/customer/asshat.

You would piss solid vinegar if I told you the tale of my cassette.
I should be killed.
But I know one thing.
My bike shifts,
it remains quiet,
it rarely if ever causes a pause on the ride,
and it remains true.

Make no mistake about it, there are things that are done to my bike,
that never should be done.
Any and everyone who has ever turned a wrench will tell you that.
It is the only trade secret.
Our shit works when there is no way it should,
when common sense screams fail,
we push on.


Because we don't get to ride the same as you.
We hear different than you.
We feel things you cannot imagine.

But mostly.

We know how damn good that beer is gonna taste.

See you next week. I am off to destroy some cells with the likes of some 
and a ragtag group of guys who just want the ride to include beer and other good things in life.

Cheers till then.

Angry Buddhist.


  1. like Dirty says, If you wanna do it, all you got to do, is do it.

  2. You, my friend, are correct. I've done despicable and unspeakable things to my bike... and it's all because I'm wrenching more than riding.