Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Drive by Eliptigotted

Remember this?

I can barely forget.
Working on that monstrosity 
was less than fun.

Can't clamp that in the ol workstand.
So it brought me to my knees.

So what do you think was going through my mind 
when this pulls up?

I turned to my co worker and let him know he had the next two repairs that walked in.

I ain't lying.
I did not want to even talk to the fools that were ballish enough to 
buy TWO of them things,
let alone be brazen enough to get a roof rack installed
and haul them everywhere.

That shit ain't right.

Turns out the poor bastards had a job.
This job was to drive around and try to get people like me to take them seriously.


I had their job. 
Only it was bikes.
real bikes.
very nice bikes indeed.

not this.

I don't have the best job in the world.
I work on your piles of shit.

But I don't have the worst job either.
It has to be tough when the least expensive one of those 
is $1799!

But I do deal with morons.
Some try to sell me shit at work.


  1. not unless they hit you up as well.....

    test ride? faaack no. I ride bikes.