Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Detroit has a skyline too...

Bonus points for figuring out that title.
Post it if you got it.

No google.
Use your brain.

So back in the day,
back from whence I came,
A city of hard buildings...

A city where your chunk of the earth was a square you put a house and yard in.
You measured your worth by the size of your square,
and what you had within it.

Trees grew up surrounded by cement, 
and showed their disdain by pushing that same captor upwards.
Strollers would catch that piece of hate and stall.
Mothers would wrangle the stroller over the pushed pavement,
old people would stumble,
and us kids....

Well, we were different.
That crack,
that slice of tree hate,
that was our launching pad.

I learned back then that bikes were fun,
a toy.

The brothers on the block also taught me that they were transportation.
A way of showing the man that they were determined to make it.
A way of saying,
I got this.

They had style.
They made style.
And damnit,
 they invented the holy grail of old white people.

The comfort bike.

We call it
 Detroit style.

( I am sure Chicago,Philly, and NY had something to do with it also )

Them dudes worked hard all day.
They had no interest in getting bent out of shape on the way to or from work.

The first comfort bike.


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