Friday, October 14, 2011

Epic's been happening for a while now.

Your bike sucks.
Your wheels can't compare to this.

There is no off the shelf,
over the counter.
or prescription that can 
make your parts big enough to handle this.

Most of you have seen this on

If you have not then your webs are in all the wrong places.

This here is a zombieapocalypse winning bike.

It can handle you,
your whining pathetic little ways.
It has a cult.

Cliques are for nancy boy/girls who ride Specialized.

These believers will crush your soul.
Having shredded with Slappy I can testify that them wheels
keep rollin.


That shit is actual size and will 
every dream you have ever had.

Religion was created to allow big 26" wheels to crush
your 29. 

No one gives a shit about your 29.

I can attest that 26 is in fact the new 29.



Game fuckin over.
26 just won the wheel war.

All your wheels are belong to us.


I don't own one yet.
 I am getting the light shed upon me.
Brothers and sisters,
that light is bright.
It's coming for you.
(google that for scary) or light



  1. Big, fat, rigid... chicks dig it! WHAT"S NOT TO LOVE?!?
    I'm selling all my fluffy-bouncy and preparing for the end of days!!!

  2. Gonna shame some high dollar rigs, the likes of which I ride.. That is the art of burliness!

  3. The pugsley is the last bike you will own. It transports you back to the days of hauling a$$ on your dirtbike with a big sh!t eating grin in your face, whining when your mom would make you come inside and go to bed. I've ridden singletrack, raced cross, raced snow, commuted, toured, gotten drunk on (more than a few times) and had the best time of my adult life on my pugsley.